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Climbing Tourism in Kalymnos – Telendos

Climbing in Kalymnos, the most interesting climbing center in Europe!

For ten years now, Kalymnos is considered to be the Mecca of climbing. Today, the island of Kalymnos and Telendos (a small island in a ten-minute distance by boat opposite of Kalymnos) has approximately 2,500 routes, most of them are in the west / north-west section of Kalymnos and they are offered for thrills and new experiences both for beginners and experienced climbers. Impression causes the wild beauty of the landscape and the value of the cliffs, which are of great diversity and are made of high quality limestone.

All the above combined with the mild climate throughout the year and the quick and easy access to the routes make Kalymnos an earthly paradise for those who love climbing.

We offer a number of Accommodations from €15 per night per person.